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Gunasiddhi Clark    


Shiatsu uses hand pressure and manipulative techniques to address all aspects of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Many people report feeling more relaxed after a treatment, less stressed and less anxious. During a shiatsu treatment, it is important to wear comfortable clothes and bring or wear, a warm pair of socks.




Reflexology uses finger pressure on the reflex points in your feet. It stimulates your body’s natural healing processes, leaving you feeling relaxed and energised. It can help with many ailments and is particularly good for stress-related conditions.

Susanne Lin Jensen

Susanne works with several methods for supporting a process of releasing and unfolding. Kairos Therapy is a gentle therapy, and it may release deep held physical and emotional tension by working with structured hand placements on a fully clothed body. Acupressure is a way of working with thumbs and hands on meridian lines muscles and joints, to support circulation and improved energy levels in the body.  Reflexology is applied to hands and feet, to stimulate areas and zones, this may have a beneficial relaxing effect. Qigong 1 to 1 sessions, exercise is very beneficial and it can be very enjoyable to practise.

See more description about the various therapies and for contacting to book an appointment:

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Corrinna Bain


Corrinna supports you to deeply relax and unwind your body and mind, releasing chronic stress and tension using shiatsu, a whole person restorative body-based sensitive therapy and practice. She takes a down to earth, person centred, compassionate and sensitive approach to health and wellbeing. 

Corrinna is a fully qualified and insured MrSS member of the Shiatsu Society UK and the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council

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This is a surprisingly peaceful clinic in the heart of Partick's transport hub, convenient and yet so relaxing from the moment I walk in. 
The practitioners are all very kind, attentive and highly skilled at what they do. 
I enjoy being able to pop down for a treatment when I need it. For me, West End Wellbeing is a great addition to my local community. 

J Jones, Partick Hill

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